Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have developed a friendly relationship with the guy I purchase liquor from at the plaza near my house, even to the point where we have conversations that annoy other customers waiting in line. Today we were debating on whether squirrels would taste good or not. He thought they probably taste like rabbit, which is pretty good and also made an interesting point in stating that "they may look really good some day, and there's thousands of the fucking things." Does anyone actually think that a full-blown depression is possible? I don't because Obama is going to swoop in like a glorious all-knowing wizard and make the world happy again. If you do think things are going to get worse, stock up on Heinz tomato ketchup. That shit is going to be in demand. Ketchup and water soup was a legit meal in the 30's as well as fried dough and various types of varmint. Eating bacon was like getting a blowjob for your brain.
Anyway, I have been digging this first song, Diplo is of course really creative when it comes to sampling.



Also, for any fans of The Wire, some joker broke into the show's abandoned sound stage and took some pictures of the sets. This almost brought me to tears.

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Anonymous said...

you are the funniest person i know.