Friday, February 29, 2008

a couple hot chip tunes

off the b side of there ready for the floor 7' is this track - bubbles they bounce. this other track is the side project by Alexis and Joe, called BOOJI BOY HIGH. it takes a couple of listens. i dont really know whats going on with it though.

Hot Chip - bubbles they bounce

BOOJI BOY HIGH - Doubleshaw

and more track

Caribou - Melody day

they have a couple dates coming up in t.o. i suggest going to one. but hot chip has only one, good luck trying to get a ticket suckas

Friday Hangovers...blah

well while killing off another hangover due to the over indulgence of polish vodka yet again, I find myself listening to some unprecedented music... fuck it, its a diplo remix that is not bad check it.

Young MC - Busta Move (Diplo remix)

Bonus track from the hottest group out right now crookers

Day N Night (Crookers First Remix)

Wiley, i thought he was retired

and i know z share sucks but i dont know how to post on you send it, and i caught the polish giving it to rosie palm and her 5 sisters last night, to 240 burn outs, weird i know, he tried to cover himself with some old pizza plate, i just had to walk out of the room, and not bring it up again till now.

wiley - wearing my rolex

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i like this daft punk remix , its probably old. i find that i dont really care for much of the remix's of daft punks stuff, but this one is alright.

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Casino Inc Amazing Disco Remix)


Well after reading about MGMT and them being named one of the top 10 bands to watch in 2008, I jumped on the bandwagon. Got to say really feeling the album. Really good to listen to while eating borscht and sipping vodka. Check out their album Oracular Spectacular.

MGMT - Kids

New SebastiAn

its a rip from a youtube video, a legit version should be along soon as should ed rec 3. its a polish mike style driving tune. 

SebastiAn - Motor V2