Monday, June 9, 2008

Yo, yo 5-0

This show has been around for a few years now but as always I am onto it pathetically late, as I caught the series finale on TMN last week. On the train back from Montreal I watched five hours worth of the show and became so engrossed in it's tangled web of crime and corruption that I barely even payed attention to the Jabba the Hutt looking motherfucker beside me who alternated between wheezing uncontrollably and staring at the back of the seat ahead of him like David Putty. Anyway, The Wire follows the drug trade of Baltimore which is probably one of the shittiest cities in all of America. If you don't at least make an effort to check out this show, you are a moron. Here is an old track straight out of Baltimore cause I don't have jack shit right now.

Spank Rock-Girls and Boys

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