Sunday, April 5, 2009

aaahhhhhhhh school

Haven’t been feeling music lately or been listening too much, I have about 75 new ones queued up so, something should come of that. However, I have been back on the wire since getting season 4. I have the whole run of it now so if you don’t feel like shelpin out 250 bones for the DVD’s email me or something and something can be arranged. This video is great. If I am watching TV on the weekend and breakfast club comes on I end up watching wither or not something is better on, or I have something to do. Also duckie from 16 candles is the nerdy brother on two and half men if that slipped past anyone’s radar, I am sure it didn’t, because that is a great show. I wish foot loose was on more often.

set to the great new music of Pheonix -


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faheck said...

i watched this whole thing but felt like i had already seen it.