Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warming my cold, bitter heart on a rainy day

Is that kid not the coolest most adorable 2-year-old alive? I wish this was my kid. I would take him on a bar tour of North America and watch him do his magic on unsuspecting greaseballs for big money. The upside is, no one is going to beat up a little kid, and I'd already be out the back door with the car running before the eightball dropped.

Also, I ran across a blog called "Fuck Yeah Puppies" and call me a pussy, but you are a gaping asshole if puppies can't cheer you up. I'd rather surgically remove my own eyeballs with a coffee spoon than see these puppies in pain or uncomfortable in any way.

Finally, this robber's mask is so uncreative it's amazing. A fucking Bud Light box!