Friday, June 5, 2009

Unconventional funny guys

On his show Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David is funny in a full body cringe kind of way where your finger wants to change the channel because its so painful but just can't. On the other hand in Seinfeld he did some more traditional comedy in his voice work and brief cameos that were always awesome. I love him as the guy in the cape, Frank Costanza's lawyer.

I've always liked Norm MacDonald even though a lot of people think he sucks. I think some people dislke him because they don't appreciate his understated demeanour and the deliberate awkwardness that is behind his charm. Also, he likes to intentionally bomb jokes which is an approach most people can't comprehend. This is shown well in the second clip.

Also, crowbar (we have got to stop using these fucking stupid names) and I have been enjoying a blog called lamebook. It a collection of hilariously stupid things people post on facebook but you'd probably be surprised with how they're not that much dumber than retards you know.