Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Badder than ever

This is a picture of Terrell Owens when he made the unwise, yet totally awesome decision to celebrate a touchdown on the Dallas Cowboys star in the middle of the field. T.O. could easily be said to be one of the most arrogant failures on the planet along with the likes of Donald Trump and Paris Hilton, but at least he is fucking funny. I was browsing through my itunes yesterday because what the fuck else do I have to do, when I came upon an mp3 labelled "TO_cowboys_rap." I had forgotten about this song he made a few years ago because listening to it, on a musical level, it is like having someone strap on a razor tipped dildo and fuck you in the ears. Arguably it is worse than K-Fed's stillborn "rap." But as far as pure comedy is concerned, it's fucking great.

Terrell Owens-I'm Back
also a couple of old ones I was glad to revisit
Joe Walsh-I Like Big Tits
The Juan McLean-Give me Every Little Thing

One little thing I gotta put out there. Canadians love to run around whining about how nobody takes them seriously. Here's a hint: stop over-reacting when a Canadian does anything on the international level. For example, "news" from the Star today, "Over-rated Shitbag Golfer Tees it up with Tiger." Replace "over-rated shitbag golfer" with "Mike Weir" and you've got yourself an embarrassing piece of journalism.

I miss Electric Circus. Also, Corey Feldman is awesome.

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