Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I found this song, while surfing the web, i think its a b side maybe or some new track that is going to be on there new album, who knows. i am also posting up another tune off there past album 'So This Is Goodbye' one of my favorite albums, i actually bought it in rare form. At a bankrupt music world at the Georgian mall in Barrie, literately everything was for sale in that place the god forsaken owner was trying to sell me the carpeting, i could tell he was desperate and i wanted to help him out, but what am i going to do with 1500 square feet of off blue heavily used carpet and underpad, i tried to buy the light bulbs. i was in the market for some 100 watts, unfortunately he still needed them.

Junior Boys - No Kinda Man
ah fuck it here is most of the album, its so good.
Junior Boys - Double Shadow
Junior Boys - The Equalizer
Junior Boys - First Time
Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs
Junior Boys - In The Morning
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
Junior Boys - Like A Child

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