Wednesday, April 23, 2008

off the wagon

sorry for the lack of posts over this extended weekend, schools out, and there has been nothing much coming out sound wise. except for a junky weezer album, and some shitty shitty dried up Madonna tunes.

i do however have a decent old 2 live crew song, and some orginal pirate material, and anthony and the johnsons cheered up a bit and put put an new album under the name Hercules and the love affair, its very good.
2 Live Crew - Pop that pussy
The Streets - Too much brandy
Hercules and the love affair - Hercules theme
i also finally got the National album, its really good, ill post some of there top songs once i give it a through listen in the next couple days
bonus song after thought

Hercules and the love affair - Raise me up

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