Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blunts, Blunts!

Yo man, I got something here that's gonna blow the shit...outta your ass, into the's gonna flush itself. Well no but here is a mix by Chris Devlin who sometimes works with Spank Rock. A really interesting track with a bunch of everything, worth listening to, especially the last bit. It's about 40 min. long though.
Devlin-We Make it Good Vol II.

Elsewhere, I'm glad that our polack is encouraging more comments with offers of booze. That is good. On a related note, I am developing an inferiority complex cause I don't have a cool name like the other two and I need some input. Here is a list I came up with at work today. Let me know which one is best. I need this.
MC Kitty Killer
Grand Master Anal
DJ Uncle Bob
Ayatollah Awesome
DJ Free Tibet
MC Birthday
MC Mujahideen
Gary Goober III

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