Monday, September 29, 2008

Aki Berg would appreciate it if you watched these videos

Baseball season is over and hockey season is fast approaching and I've been thinking a lot about former Leafs' defenseman Aki Berg which is odd because he was definatly on the mediocre side of the Finnish-born defenseman group. I can't help but miss his classic good looks and brash, rebellious attitude. It makes me wonder, what do these guys do after they're forced into retirement after years of unproductive play? Like, wouldn't it be interesting if you were at a grocery store in Stockholm and you look up and none other than former Leafs right wing Jonas Hoglund is bagging your groceries, all doe-eyed and sad, fresh off a costly divorce.

This lady fucking IS the cat-lady from the Simpsons.

This second video is a Kids in the Hall classic I should have put up with the other one earlier so here it is now.

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crowbar said...

that skit is hilarious