Thursday, September 18, 2008

You're rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body

I just realized that for the past little while nearly everytime I post music XXXChange has something to do with it. That's because everything he does is usually very good. The only thing that I don't like is the name, but its not that bad. I'm probably going to make out with him one day. Anyhow, here is something else that I liked. This is very good.

James Pants-Ka$h (XXXChange & A-Trak mix)

On the bummer side, The Streets new album is out and most of it is on the myspace page. It sucks, which isn't surprising cause so did the last album. It reminds me of the part in Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase are playing a match against those dudes and Dangerfield's all like "Geez, I'm having the worst round of my life here," to which Chevy Chase's character responds, "You're not, you're not good stink." Its too bad for Mike Skinner, his shit used to be good.

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Anonymous said...

i would pay to see you make out with xxxchange. the big bucks.

ps. i miss you