Monday, September 29, 2008

no more

If there is one woman I hate more than anyone in Hollywood is Diane Keaton, she has a new movie coming out called “Smother” which I had the misfortune of watching on YouTube (it has a Dax Sheppard I wasn’t thinking i know), about her getting to involved in her kids relationships. It looks very similar to one that came out a few years ago with Mandy Moore that followed about the same plot line called “Because I said So”, and a Jon Heder movie following a slightly altered plot by the same none the less called “ Mama’s Boy”. The only good thing about all these bad movies is that they are so bad I think they will stop putting her in movies. I hope after this comes out and bombs and people don’t forget about “Mad Money” fiasco with Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah, poor old tired used up Diane Keaton can fade away into some mental institution slash full time rehab clinic.

Below is the trailer for it, I say watch it for the pure entertainment value of how low she has gotten, even though they say Oscar winner it’s starting to loss its merit. Most female winners usually fade away into obscurity right after a win due to poor movie choices and or no real acting talent.

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Pepper Park said...

this is fuggin' crazy