Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love websites that have post funny stuff that people find on the street. The above found note has special personal significance to me, bringing back family memories that I don't know whether to laugh at yet. You see, when I was about eight, my Uncle Brian made the opposite mistake that the gentleman on the note here made. I got a birthday card that year printed on old computer paper saying, "Happy Birthday, from Uncle Brain." My dad snatched the card and began to make fun of Uncle Brian as he would often do at family gatherings. "Look boys, what a nice card from your Uncle Brain!" Dad was merciless, my mom was pissed and my grandparents were furious. Best birthday party ever!

This is fucked, but it's kind of accurate. Kids do come from there.

TV on the Radio-Dancing Choose

XXXChange-Live at Home

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otto said...

graeme: amazingly germane childhood reference. poor uncle brain.