Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't go to Montreal in the winter

I'm on a train headed back to Toronto from Montreal and the girl in the seat across the aisle from me is reading a book called "Make Every Man Want You." I've practically had to jam my fist in my mouth in order not to laugh after seeing this and I almost feel like looking over and saying, "Well, you could start with not reading that fucking book in public and not wearing your pajamas on the train." Also I would suggest to her that wearing high heels, a top that shows something and standing around at the bar at last call would do more than a fucking book. Am I shallow?

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faheck said...

ahahaha!!! she clearly wasn't very far along in the book. i read he's just not that into you a long time ago and thought it was a hilarious joke book until i realized it was serious and people are actually just that stupid.