Monday, February 23, 2009


back from a little vacation, drank my weight in oldstyle pil. i just looked at photos of the trip and i can see a glazed over look in my eyes and perment bags. not to mention the most hair i have ever had on my face. as all i brought was a straight razor i still dont know who to use well, coupled with intoxcation, left my neck and chin with a few new cuts, make that many.
i see there was a lack of posting of new tracks. here are some top ranking stuff.

this is one of my favorites, i love his voice, and they are coming to Toronto soon, i cant get tired of this song.
The Presets - If I Know You

this one is sounds great through headphones, mad good
Alexander Technique ft. Van Scott - Nightlovers (CCC / JFK Remix)

this one is pretty hot
Groove Armada - Pull Up (Crank It Up) (Mad Decent B-Live Remix)

and more barletta, i am lovin his tunes, and with a song name like that, whats not to like
Kid Cranberry & Dj Barletta - Get Drunk

if i jacked one of your posts, sorry, i cant remember where i got this stuff, so you take a trip to fuckitoffy land

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