Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Voytek the Polish war hero bear

Reading about this bear was the most inspirational thing I have done this week and I know of a certain Polack who will probably be even more proud of this furry motherfucker than me. The story is that Voytek was discovered by a group of Polish soldiers in 1943. As a young bear he became attached to the men and was trained to contribute to the unit by carrying mortar shells and to be a source of entertainment drinking beer and pleading for cigarettes. Apparently, he even sniffed out an enemy intruder in the unit's bath hut. Anyway, I thought that as far as animal stories go this one is pretty awesome, especially in light of that recent chimpanzee story with the poor woman losing her face and all. Read about Voytek HERE p.s. Stuff that crazy has got to be true...

This video of nunchuk specialist guy is intense, he even opens champagne with his nunchuks. Panty dropper every time.

The second clip I ad for no reason other than the line this guy drops at :38 is absolutely epic. Its from a show I talked about a long time ago called Generation Kill, and the guy playing the colonel shown here is cold as ice.

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