Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canada is gay, mind-boggling. And some Tuesday trash

Over the last couple days you may have heard about acts of vandalism against people with Liberal signs on their lawns mostly in Toronto. They're getting "L's" spray painted on their homes as well as insanely clever slogans such as "Ignatieff lies" and "Bob Rae is arrogant." I chuckled when I first heard about this bullshit, but when I heard that people were also getting their brake lines cut on their cars and recieving threatening phone calls, I had to think, who are these fucking guys? I mean, politics in Canada is so boring that there is virtually NO difference between the Liberals and Conservatives. Abortion doesn't even come up ever for christ's sake. My dad votes Liberal and has a stupid sign outside so I can't wait to get a phone call being like "Don't vote Liberal or I'll fucking kill you!" So I can shout, "Fuck you I'm a libertarian you asshole." And then return to the table for dinner.

Check out this video, this guy reacts like so many guys would like to.

...also what about this headline "Watermelon-eating dog prompts stabbing."


crowbar said...

ah shit that was so ridiculous, " ah fuck you,... Whiskey!"

Pepper Park said...

well fuck you

gman how do you find this fucking gold