Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re. My gay crush on John Daly

Like most guys that aren't complete homos (tennis enthusiasts) I enjoy golf. Nothing makes me happier than turning on the U.S. Open every year and hearing Jim Nantz all like "oh ho ho, John Daly has really done it this time." Daly is so unpredictable that at tournaments he has more people follow him than Tiger Woods. Thats why I was so sad to wake up this morning to see the headline: John Daly Arrested Outside Hooters

Unfortunately Daly is a disasterous/highly-functioning alcoholic and is the only professional golfer I've ever seen have the DT's on live TV. I need him to stay alive to keep golf interesting. Would Tiger Woods have the balls to do a shirtless interview like this one?

I think not...oh yeah and Hooters is actually one of his sponsors.


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