Monday, October 13, 2008

People say thet I eat too many shoc-o-lat bars or thet I don wash my face

Hey, remember that Clearsil commercial from the 90's with that french Canadian kid with acne? I do. Ed brought it up when we were watching Polack's hockey game, and in the middle of my Installation Art seminar last week I thought about it and burst out laughing in the middle of a relatively quiet academic atmosphere. It was worth the shocked and angry glares. 

On another note, I cant tell if we're in the height of concert season or its starting to wind down. This year has been more crazy than past years, if that is even possible. The Bloody Beetroots were clearly fucking amazing and thereafter my weekend, which somehow just extended into this weekend, has been a whirling mash of grimy basement and or warehouse parties that were being totally maimed by wicked ass DJs. These parties seem to never end, and are usually broken up by the cops, but really they are just holding tanks for attractive hipsters on MDMA. Nuit Blanche was pretty solid, but we got down town so late that we barely got out of Parkdale. Luckily, by chance of the oh so familiar ally way behind Wrong Bar, we ran into some pretty interesting exhibitions and some pretty rad graffiti artist dudes. One of the exhibitions was a kind of ode to the lost and forgotten of Toronto, a pretty stark comment on homelessness in the city, and it kind of put me in a weird mood all night. I guess it was more the fact that we spent over an hour listening to audio clips of homeless people discussing their childhood memories and their idea of an ideal home and looking at candle lit shrines, and then rocked down Queen street afterwards stepping over homeless people on the way. I had to wonder how many other people were having this realization. My friend said the art was silent at this year's Nuit Blanch, but I think this particular exhibit was pretty loud. Well, a few more bars and warehouses and lofts later this whole extravaganza ended in me staying in Toronto to rip tech (?) with non other than the Polish Prince himself. The long, long, long weekend ended finally with Surkin (who is super hot and humble on first impression) blowing our brains all over the Social's dance floor. A bunch of hot, sweaty, sexy assholes just loving the dance party. I was like "Dyyyaaaaaaaammmnn"

PS: I went to Polish Thanks Giving. Nuff Said.

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