Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pony Falls Into Pool After Getting Drunk

last time i made a brash comment on who was going to be huge it was "the rumble strips" i thought they were going to be huge, i was telling everyone, and just like that, they dont do anything, they play the same stuff, take forever with an album, same goes for "the virgins" alot of dicking around no action (although they have started to get there act together), then it was "holy ghost!" nothing, there myspace looks like i made it. here we come today, "the temper trap" i think they have the stuff to make mordorate success but we will see, they could just do the same thing, and not even blow up on hype machine popular tab, the top 40 of the indie world.

The Rumble Strips - Motorcycle
The Rumble Strips - No Soul (live)

the Virgins - Rich Girls
The Virgins - Love is Colder Than Death (my favorite song by them)


Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Holy Ghost Remix)

The Temper Trap - Peter Parker's Alter Ego

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Curtis Vodka Remix)


Pepper Park said...

thanks for putting up the video, but i was really actually hoping for a pony falling into a pool after getting drunk before the video popped up. if you can find a video of that, i'll let you kick me in the tits.

otto said...

that oven looks awesome.
who cares about the songs.

crowbar said...

i have a picture of it, no video, he got drunk on fermented apples