Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The government ruined my day. I was heading to vote and I looked at my card and sure enough, just like my driver's license it states my middle name as 'Geroge.' Now, I've been over the fact that Geroge is not a name with those fucking clowns down at the licencing bureau but they can't be bothered to correct this fundamental error. Am I crazy that this bothers me or is it just plain disrespectful that my federal government doesn't even know my real name? To cheer myself up I gave in to my peculiar addiction to watching funniest home video-like bloopers on the internet. Let me share this nugget of gold with you.

Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding - Watch more free videos

oh shit I almost forgot, I was going through some Vice student guide dos and don'ts for no particular reason and I almost shit myself when I read this quote: "Aside from “sneaker culture” one of the most homo and expensive trends you can align yourself with while at uni is the trendy fixed-gear bike cult." Sorry crowbar, you gotta admit thats kind of funny.


crowbar said...

i see, i see, i am aligning my self with the wrong crowds over and over, but yeah it is, whats the link on that i want to check it out

capital vagrant said...


Polish Mike said...

got to admit its totally true and lame as shit. fixies suck