Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dieu et mon droit! And its almost Halloween

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy
Jack Handy has some pretty solid views on war. If we all had his out look things would be much less tense. Am I right? Yep. So there are about a million songs that I have downloaded and not had the chance to sort through. Usually I do this weekly sort through on my walk to work, but I've been too busy being a useless asshole. After some serious sifting i dug up some diamonds boys, so here is my soundtrack for THE WEEKEND BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Fucking DESIGNER DRUGS, thank you for the tastiest ghoulish track I've heard since Ladytron's Black Lady. Its sure to hit the spot on the DF during the up coming haunting celebrations. Polish Guy, You'll love the Protokoll track after the first minute. Get Some!

1 comment:

Gosh Damn Team said...

that moving forward song kicks in so hard!!!!

They're like if guitarists from hair metal bands in the 80s switched over to the electro team!