Monday, November 10, 2008


They have been making music for a little bit now, and its some really good music. stuff to do homework or drive at night to. nothing that will pump you up, but will enjoy none the less. i am listening to there first album on repeat right now, while trying to write a couple a papers. they also do a ton of remixing, but that's not for now. here are the highlights off there first album, there follow up album should be coming out very soon. don't think of what i posted as the only good songs on the album, get the whole thing if you like them.

Cicada - Edge
Cicada - The Things You Say
Cicada - All About You
Cicada - Cut Right Through


capital vagrant said...

those are appearing as text files for some reason

crowbar said...

they are .m4a files which seem to work on mine, try and get the most recent itunes it should recongize it, i hope, i dont feel like converting them