Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Huuuumiliation Tiiiimmme

If you didn't see Kenny vs. Spenny last night you need to get on that right away. It is arguably the best episode yet, and I really didn't think they could top the who can stay tied to a goat the longest episode. If your not really a fan of the show and feel like throwing up right now, watch the humiliation for this week's "who can piss off the most people" episode. I think its the worst humiliation in a long line of humiliations for Spenny.

Also, Kenny and Spenny made a documentary back in the 90's about trying to sell a movie script. Its worth watching if you have an hour to kill and its kind of cool to see how they interact with each other when its not Kenny vs. Spenny. Spencer is still impossibly douchey though. Here's the first part, the other five parts are there on Youtube.



Gosh Damn Team said...

apparently off camera, kenny does heroin and spenny reads margaret atwood. for real.

Anonymous said...

im a loose dude with a rude tude

fuckin spenny i wonder how that pubiscut was