Monday, November 3, 2008

I don't like.....Bob Geldof

If I have to hear "I Don't Like Mondays" every Monday morning on office radios for the rest of my life then I can honestly say that my three divorces, retirement, subsequent dementia and death can not come quickly enough. What kind of a sick fuck would write a song about a teenaged girl who opened fire on a schoolyard? Did Geldof not understand the possible precedent this could have set: shoot innocent civilians and be immortalized by a hit song! Great fucking idea. Those Columbine kids probably thought that someone better would write their tribute if they got their shit together.
Anyway, a couple of videos that helped lift me out of a Monday funk at lunchtime. This wasted midget evading arrest is a new favorite of mine.

and some good meltdowns from tv anchors

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