Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kooky Old Dudes, Unite!

Kooky dads are the greatest. My dad spends his entire day hanging out in his Roadtrek which is usually parked in the driveway at his home in Huntsville ON (its some sort of traveling, hightech camper slash apt) that is, if they are not en route somewhere. For some unexplained reason he would rather hang out in there then in his home. I don't ask for two reasons, for one, I'm scared to understand how his brain works, and two, kooky old dudes are way cooler than boring old dudes, so I just let him be. Its what a friend of mine and I used to describe as CDS (Crazy Dad Syndrome), and it can apparently happen to anyone. A few Easters ago she had received a call from a friend who lived near her parent's home in suburban Ottawa; citing that there was some sort of frightening Easter mascot that was lighting up their lawn and scaring the neighborhood children. So she calls up dear old dad and inquires; to which he replied: "Oh, you mean Easter Man?" He had constructed bunny ears and applied them to the head of a light-up snowman Christmas decoration. The main problem was that it still looked quite a bit like a snowman, and now this "rabbit thing" had a carrot for a nose. What a terrible trick to play on this poor bunny, probably who, if he had been real would have to constantly struggle with the desire to rip his nose off and eat it. Anyway, I bet Sebastien Tellier would make the kookiest of dads, and as you may know quite well, I go totally Moo Moo for Moulinex. Enjoy!

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