Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its to bad McCain didn't win i was beginning to like that old bastard's face

i personally didn't mind him or his politics or Palin, i still need to see 'nailing palin' i heard that there is some good scenes in that puppy,

i haven't heard much in the way in way of good music lately that i would recommend, or i am not looking hard enough / listening to much, so its to the dregs of my hard drive, except for this; which is very good

Lykke Li - Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix) (formaly VNDLSM)

and now

The Mystery Jets - Flakes

Interpol - Untitled
Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs
beck - broken drum (boards of canada remix)

in other news i have been watching all the old david cronenberg movies (scanners, the fly, Videodrone) they are super weird, but extremely good. I really liked 'scanners' i suggest you watch them. they are all filmed in Toronto, and actually have real actors not just Canadian ones, which is a testament to there legitimacy or the opposite, depending on your views. i am now heading off too places unknown or 'deer hunter'

and here is a desktop for all ya's

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