Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't tell me these things. Not now man.

I am just about head off and on a week long bender, pour a few hundred pints through my liver. Polish guy and I picked up bota bags from VV yesterday, I hope they will be quintessential to the festivities if they are not harboring some kind of bacteria.

WAVVES is a band I had not listened to for some odd reason, but now that I have I feel sadness at my stupidity, they are huge distorted mess that I love. BTW how many remixes are there of Cut Copy songs, I am serious here, I must have about 50 on my computer all i would compare to some dog shit.

Wavves - So Bored
Wavves - Beach Demon

there is big news for Oldstyle-Pilsner but I will let the rightfull parties gloat because they deserve it

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Pepper Park said...

the staticy sounds reminds me of the jesus and mary chain