Monday, December 22, 2008

Esh, look at these refugees, how about a smile?

I had some errands to do down at the Manulife building at Bloor and Bay today, and while looking for a spot underground some yahoo in a blue Hyundai comes barreling through a left hand corner almost crashing into me. We both had to jam on are brakes and luckily I had my window down to start mouthing off to him. He throws the car into park and starts to open his door give me some kind of beat down I assume. I could see his girlfriend or wife trying to calm him down, and me being a in bad mood due to traffic and Christmas I start really giving it to him. He proceeds to get out and start coming at me so I did what anyone would do in my position. I peeled out and peaced out to a different parking lot. Yelling "Fucking Ponce" as I bailed big time.

I really enjoy Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Here are a couple tracks of his that have been edited, first up is one you may recognize from a new Adidas commercial, i found it off the CBS top 100 where I also got Disco Space Ship so you know the rest of that thing is filled with pure gold, the other is just a random that is a really slow burner filled with great hooks and vocals because that guy has some pipes on him.

Frankie Valli - Beggin' (Pilooski Edit)

Frankie Valli - The Night (Floorman Edit)

Here are some of the random tunes that I picked up, they are all tight, even got a couple new diplo remixes up in there

Monkey: Journey To The West - Monkey Bee (Diplo Remix)

Money Addict - Life, Money & Drugs (Diplo Remix)
SSION - Fear Us (Nick Zinner Remix) ( i find this band really interesting and worth exploring if you have a bit of time on your hands, lots of video's and songs on there MYSPACE)
Congorock - Hybro (banger status)
PVC Street Gang - Cutlass (DIY fuzz punk)
SebastiAn - Momy (Erol Alkan’s Simple, Yet Effective Edit) ( it really takes the edge off that sometimes can stop you from repeat listening or even making it through the first time)
and if you havent downloaded this yet,
The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius (Radio Oi!)

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