Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday horror show: Christmas edition

You know what Ontario? No more 24 for 24. Ever. The new minimum price will be $25.50 plus deposit. Merry Christmas! You may wonder why I am shaking this jumbo can of Steeler furiously. You may wonder why I'm shoving it up your ass. You should start begging me to not pull off the tab because you're my bitch Ontario. Brewers' Retail can do whatever the fuck it wants to, remember that.

I don't know who to blame for this outrage so I'm going to blame the premier for letting this happen just because I don't like his face. It's not that I really care about spending the extra couple bucks, it's the idea that elected officials support a system that discourages a fair and free booze market and spins it as social responsibility.

Remember six months ago when I wrote about the Duggar family? Of course you don't. Well they're an insanely creepy family that just welcomed their 18th devil-spawn to this great green earth. Check out their new, improved religous website. Future Mrs. c. vagrant you might want to email Mrs. Duggar for some pointers. Mr. Duggar's name is Jim Bob.

Finally, I don't like cats but i still thought it was awful that over 100 burned to death in a shelter fire in Oshawa. However, the headline of the article explaining it is kind of priceless.

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