Monday, December 15, 2008

I need to leave my house more often

It's embarrassing but I just saw the new Batman movie last night. Yeah I know that is fucked and that kids in North Korea have probably seen it before me but I don't get out much to do sober-people things. A couple of things about that movie other than how much it ruled. First of all, how does Christian Bale talk that way for two and a half hours? The two-face character was a total dickface, running around blaming everyone but himself for the fact that his girlfriend got blown up. But also, the musical score was pretty cool, so I downloaded some of the music that plays when the joker is pulling his hilarious pranks (Btw, that was so awesome how he put a bomb inside a guy).

Hans Zimmer-Why so Serious?

This video is a drug awareness, anti-cocaine commercial that totally misses the point because its actually too amusing to allow the viewer to think about the message. Pablo the drug mule dog.

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