Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I find your lack of faith disturbing

i really like this kind of upbeat indie rock shit. If i was going to be in a band, it would be one like this uptempo instrumental with some lo-fi vocals that are all about heartbreak and i would wear fashion glasses and everyone at the shows could hold there girlfriends every so gently and bob there heads to the music. They would also be wearing fashion glasses then i would starting using epinephrine recreationaly and it would take savage turn and everything would get ugly.

i like listening to this kind of music but there live shows are just brutal, half the time there is someone using an overhead projector to illustrate the songs, and you have to whisper in the venue. and i just want to punch everyone in there. BTW this band is really good

My Teenage Stride - Theme_From_Teenage_Suicide

My Teenage Stride - Ears Like Golden Bats


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