Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sound of VTEC

Oh Hey!

It's me, I bet your wondering, hey me, who is me? Well thats a simple question with a simple answer, it's me.
I guess I should start off with explaining my name, The Sound of VTEC.

What good is a blog poster without an introduction? No good, thats how much good.

Well it starts with a sound, you know something you hear that loud, and you go hey, what’s that sound? Then next comes VTEC, a symphony of precisely tuned valves opening and closing with the combustion and orchestra of 1000 Mozart’s and one point five Sebastian Bach’s.

What does that mathmatical equasion equal? Well, it equals music to ears, multiple ears, and the ears of people who read this entire summary of who I am, followed by clicking the tracks below and having real, music to your ears.

Oh ya, and my harddrive crashed and my speakers blew up, so I am lacking in life right now, terrible.


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Nicholas said...

I never knew VTEC was spelt S-C-O-T-T P-H-I-L...