Monday, December 8, 2008

Love City & Tough Shits: My Love Affair With Riots and Philly Garage Rock

Tough Shits

Athens Street Carnage
There's riots about, boys. And let me tell you something! Nothing turns Peppermint Park on more than a big, bloody riot. Athens has been ablaze since police shot and killed a 15 year old boy, prompting hundreds of people to lash back at the arguably corrupt police. My unhealthy obsession with riot photography/photojournalism luckily goes with garage-punk like chocolate milk and dill pickle chips (which, by the way, I happen to LOVE).
So here are some stupid amazing bands straight outta the city of brotherly love. Love City is a Philly punk-rock band with undeniable garageness that blows my mind. At times they teeter ever so closely on 70's surfer rock...I'm on my knees here. Oh, and the organ usage hits the spot and makes me drop it like its hot.
Love City- The Other Side
Love City- Regretting
Love City- Crumbling
Tough Shits are a perfect band to sing along to pretty much anywhere. Their lyrics are blunt and unforgiving and they make me laugh in a good way. Also from Philly, these cool cats along with Love City and a slew of other fantastical garagers are making Philadelphia into the go to place for a cool new breed of punk rock.
Tough Shits- Flash Art

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