Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A time for family, a time for mixing drinks

Isn't Christmas awesome? Two or three days around the house spending "quality" time with the family. Shitty tv, no place to go, and midnight church on Christmas eve if you're especially lucky. I've got some good drinks to make it extra enjoyable.

Heart smart egg nog delight:
-Pour Mount Gay dark rum into mid-sized glass until the bottle has made the "glup" sound at least six times. Because egg nog is icky and high in fat, add only a splash to mask the colour of the large glass of rum. Stir vigorously, sprinkle on some nutmeg and drink immediately.

Breakfast surprise:
-A lot of people drink mimosas and champagne on Christmas morning. This is wrong and not a good foundation for the rest of the day. Tomato juice is highly a nutritious and traditional Christmas drink that has lost popularity in the last 30 years. A wonderful spin on this classic is the bloody beer. Half a pint of beer with tomato juice. Delicious. Feel free to add a raw egg if you're hungover.

If you've been on a legit music blog in the past 2 days you probably have this but if not, new Black Lips.

The Black Lips-Starting Over

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