Monday, January 26, 2009


I rode beside an MS 13 gang member this morning on the bus. it made me want to go all crazy anarchist -punch and loot and yell like those bad ass little fuckers from the Justice "Stress" video. I've been listening to a lot of covers lately, because I'm unavoidably annoyed by electro at the moment. Though I can promise that only the best of ANY type of music (probably mostly electro though) will be heard bangin' from the Panda Pad as we will be the host of the weirdest Bat Mitzvah in history this coming Friday. All OldStyle readers are invited. Its -8 in Toronto today kids, grab a hat, scarf, and some of these tunes and COVER UP!
Vampire Weekend - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Ruby Isle (Feat Amy Dykes) - Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Grizzly Bear- Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)
Oh, and Juda found this and its fucking the coolest song I've ever heard. Ever.
Jib Kidder- Aga Aga (Hiromichi Mix)


crowbar said...

way to not post up hybrid moments, i like the other stuff though,

Anonymous said...

dude! chill, it will be there in a few short hours

Anonymous said...


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