Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I'm Christian again.

I'm glad I was sitting down when I encountered this statement because if I wasn't, my knees would have buckled. Oh man, for about half a decade now I have had rage-inducing feelings towards a lot of people that can be best summed up in those very fucking words and all I ever managed to do was sigh or roll my eyes. Four years of a liberal arts degree, sitting through tutorials where ignorant fucktards who have never left Ontario ramble on about how simple the Israel conflict really is, or how Disney movies are poisoning our youth, I really could have used this one-liner back then. Oh well, good things come too late sometimes...anyway check out this collection of humorous church billboards where I found it.

Trolling through my nightmarish itunes folder I found about 17 mp3's that were "untitiled" and "unknown." However, I'm almost positive it's a Diplo mix because I recognize this Paul Simon remix from when I saw him perform 2 years ago on new years.

Scottie B/Paul Simon Remix-Call Me Al

Also, here's a couple of tracks from TTC that were floating around my itunes. I love listening to these guys because its fun trying to figure out what they're saying, and then realizing you probably don't want to know(?)




Mo said...

The Paul Simon Remix is by Scottie B.

capital vagrant said...

yeah you're right man. for once i looked into it after i saw your comment. thanks.