Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweet Action

Well then. After a festive holiday season I feel as though things need to come back into balance. The other day I had two young fellows from the church of Jesus Christ stop me in my driveway to talk about their favourite philosophical and religious figures. Well it was nice for a couple minutes but I quickly got bored and told them to stop wasting their time. Afterward I was kind of thinking about how it may have been more fun to actually pretend that I am some kind of religious fanatic just to see how they would react. An interesting experiment for next time I guess. Above is a clip talking about Norwegan Black Metal; the core of satanic ideals within the metal community. I'm personally not really into it, the music itself isn't that great for the most part but it's still kind of interesting to watch.

Also, a note on the source of this video and a pretty cool site for other interesting material:

I think it's linked to vice magazine, i dunno?

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Anonymous said...

yr silly metal man.
vbs rules my life. its vice tele yo