Monday, January 5, 2009

The War On Drugs

I'm not going to be discussing the politics of the drug world today. Instead, maybe this neato band from Philly will inspire old-style readers to not try meth or heroin. I thought about this and then immediately thought "Oh, shit...what if the majority of our readers really enjoy reading this blog while under the influnce of amphetamines and/or opiates?" Lets be serious, nobody reads this shit anyway, so maybe we can start selling drugs through the blog to attract junkies. This would obvi. be beneficial to both parties as the junkies would have their drugs and we would have an army of the most convincingly herion chic devotees who have amazing music taste and carry swtich blades and dont require food. But seriously, I love this band.
The War On Drugs- Arms Like Boulders
The War On Drugs- Taking The Farm
The War On Drugs- Buenos Aires Beach


capital vagrant said...

if there's one thing i know about junkies it is that they own computers.

Young Bran said...

i read this shit, and i am all in favor of the war on drugs (band, not incredibly ineffective government regulation efforts)