Monday, January 12, 2009

Mama's gonna rock you out

I hosently can't think of anyone in the world who was or is more fucking fantastic than Freddy Mercury. Today I searched and searched for a good Queen cover to post and came out fruitless. Its not because nobody is covering their songs, its because bands try and fail miserably. The Flaming Lips attempted to cover Bohemian Rhapsody and it sounds like lame, karaoke-like crap. You just cannot out-do Freddy. Not under any circumstance. Soooooo I've posted a masher instead cos its more badass. RIP sweet prince of rock.

Thursday to Saturday

Log on, lip out- all when you're about to spout. Rig the train, piss your brain, feed the night, flee the flight, dip the dog, strip the hog, flip the fog- wake up alright. Hide the cash, hit the dash, bloody gash- red night-light. Knock the frame, ick-stick flame, pounding up dirt/skirt- hipster stain.

Stay Fly Under Pressure- Queen & Bowie Vs. Three-6 Mafia

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