Friday, January 16, 2009

When I see a grown man chasing a woman down an alleyway with a butcher knife and a hard-on, I figure he's not out collecting for the Red Cross.

i always bring up tats and bikes to my parents, and get the same response, if i want to live on my own without assistance, and then i think how long i could last in my truck........ maybe when there dead or i have shoved them off into some home and i am preferring the inheritance, because i don't see myself becoming self sufficient for a good chunk of time.

i posted Blackdisco a couple of days ago, but i just found a new track, which is really tight, a little ADD but its soooo good there is a little beat running most of the song that i am really feeling, alot harder, than the other song i posted...sounds kinda familiar to other electro acts near the start but it comes into there own later.

Blackdisco - Miure Module
its 320 kbs ya sluts


Anonymous said...

this is def. the worst music blog in the net. believe me... do something else... it just sucks!

Anonymous said...

agreed, but what else would we do with our miserable time?

Anonymous said...

bahahaha this blog has style, yo!

Young Bran said...

wow anonymous, i can't believe you're courageous enough to talk shit on the internet! that takes some serious gazongas. how about this, you link to your blog and we'll all decide whether it's great or not.

Polish Mike said...

Lol here comes and anon hater... Thanks for the love, its much appreciated. ROFLCOPTER thinking you will be taken serious as anonymous!!1!!11