Monday, January 26, 2009

Yo chill dude, chiii-iiiil

What is it about Neil Young fans that makes them take criticism of their hero so fucking personally? Seriously, if you even dare to say that you don't like Neil Young in their presence his fans will react as if you had just told them that you saw their mom blowing the garbage man. You will then be forced to the defensive as they furiously try to pick apart your musical tastes and insult you personally. I occasionally enjoy watching people in this state of hysteria but Jesus Christ, grow up and don't be such a bunch of fucking crybabies already. I mean come on, Neil Young is not THAT awesome. He's mostly a pretentious queef who charges like 300 dollars to go to his live shows. Musically, his voice can be described most generously as being slightly less annoying than a constantly running power saw. These points are not a matter of opinion, I could probably prove how hard Neil Young sucks on a calculator, but then I would be smashed over the side of the head with a water bong. Fucking hippies.


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