Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dock Justice!

Nike has been doing running mixes with people like lcd soundsystem and others for a while and this is a sample of what A-Trak has done for them recently.
Say Whoa: Running Man-Nike Run: A-Trak

Bill Hicks was probably the funniest comedian ever in my opinion. Unfortunately he died in 1994 and the world is a much shittier place without him. I'm no idealist but this little clip that he used say at the end of his shows makes me feel weird that someone actually used to give a fuck.
The Vision-Bill Hicks

This is one of his best clips, worth listening to if you have some time....about 12 min.
Backed Up-Bill Hicks

Tuesday morning...OMG I just heard the new Coldplay song on the radio and it was so good that I lost control of my bowels and started sobbing tears of joy all over my keyboard. The best part is that it sounds just like their other stuff, which means its amazing. Fuck do I love those guys.


whisky squirrel said...

DOCK JUSTICE! are those cops? cause cop dock justice is the best of all justices

Gosh Damn Team said...

i watched those cops fall in the water probably about 20 times.

at first glance i thought it had something to do with electro Justice, but in retrospect, this is much better.

crowbar said...

the most conveted dock justice, the i hope there cell phones didnt get ruined because thats the worst