Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shut the fuck up!

What is with this new breed of anti-smoking fascists? Since smoking has been prohibited in bars, restaurants and other indoor public spaces an anti-smoking Gestapo has developed who seem steadfast in their mission to stomp the personal liberties of smokers even further. Second-hand smoke? Shut the fuck up! People who get all uppity about someone smoking on a patio can go fuck themselves so hard that blood comes out of their ears. I'll smoke, and then I'll get cancer, not you. How's that sound? Telling someone to stop smoking in an outdoor public place is like over-hearing a conversation that you don't care for and then walking over to the person and telling them to stop talking. Or like yelling at a bum because the way he smells is offensive to you. Anti-smoking Nazis need to be stopped before they are finished destroying a citizen's right to act in a selfish and unhealthy manner.

This track is good and laid back.
Paper Route Gangstaz-Rollin(Ayres Remix)

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