Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh look! Somebodys mom is sexually harassing that boy

Whats with Madonna looking like shes 25 Years old? The girl is 50. If they can take 25 years off of somebody's appearance, does that mean they can make me look unborn, or for the sake of reality lets say.......uhhh 2 years old? Hey mom! Stop pinning my friends up against walls and humping them.
One more thing...
Has anyone seen the New Kids on the Block video? Their "comeback" is making me want to paint Guelph in my BARF. I tried to post the video with great failure and everyone who Ive attempted to get to help me is being an asshole, so go and watch it on YouTube if you have the time. It starts off with one of them texting "Its on!" to his other shitty group members and then hopping in his private....helicopter? One of them looks like a fucking tattooed monkey experiment, and the other ones are just OLD as SHIT. The whole thing is like a CSI Miami episode without the comedic intervention of David Carouso, and there are 20 year old bombshells rubbing themselves all over these idiots....yeah right. Isn't one of them a real estate agent? I hope not the monkey guy. Oh yeah, and they do a group dance. nuff said.

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