Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where have all the basement parties gone?

Yeah, thats Miss Chelsey Armstrong grabbing some kid by the hair (she's also standing on a moldy couch) in a sick ass basement/warehouse party. Guelph sucks, alright? We are in need of some seriously gritty shitty, sticky sweaty, watch out for the pipes and cracked cement floors kind of hurrah. So I'm going to take it upon myself to say that we're going to throw one down come the cool breeze of September. Date tba. 
So....I really liked Spinto Band's last album. I listened to Oh Mandy about a Million times during my second year at school. Well, guess what! Their new album comes out in October. Its called Moonwink and heres a little ditty. Its okay, maybe it will grow on me. 
And...tracks that can be heard blaring from my mom's Honda Accord:
I'm super down with Moulinex, I know I've said this before, but shit. That GRUM tune gets super murderous at the end and the Who remix is pretty old, but its neat. 

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