Thursday, July 10, 2008

I 'aint just yo average hoe

Here are some tracks from some amazing dirt balls known as Yo Majesty done over by Kid Color n' shit. Pretty much the female equiv. of Spank Rock, they make me feel like waxing up and smackin' ass like Akon. (ew)
Oh, and Moulinex is pretty stupidly awesome- if I were a guy it would be like a manifestation of the 80's walked by and gave me a huge boner. Thanks!
edit.  The Zongamin/Yo Majesty link is being lame, I'll fix it soon (I checked and the other ones worked fine, let me know if its a problem)


Anonymous said...

for some reason all the downloads on this post the media fire website is fucking it up and i cant download music

Anonymous said...

shittt ill fix it

Anonymous said...

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