Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it July 15th already? Ew!

So it seems like summer is slipping past pretty fast, and for this I am extremely sad. The dissolve of Port Carling Painters (PCP) after last summer was rather upsetting. Even though I may have only been an honorary "party" member, it marked the end of an absolutely unbelievable group of raging alcoholics making moronic messes basically all over the Muskoka region. I hear the Highland Court Motorcade still tells horror stories our naked whisky cigarette parties. It didn't help our case that Chelsey changed their sign to say something like "JIZZ CUM & BATHS FOR YOU" Every Huntsville resident that drove by before 10am with or without their children were in for a treat. I guess for now I'll take summer in stride, but I think we should all put a little more effort into getting into things, making a bit of a mess, and generally just being pesky, because I sure do love being pesky. 

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Grand Master Anal said...

i would probably be a vegetative shit/piss machine from some kind of a brain hemmorage if pcp was still around. on the other hand that would only be marginally worse than my current job.