Saturday, July 5, 2008

So Im the biggest winner ever. I take the 407 trying to get to the 400 North and am in a daze thinking about rotton shit.....and I end up in Pickering Ontario with no gas totally losing my brain all over the place. So im like, well, i should walk out into this field, so I did. And i started spinning around playing what Brain Hillar used to tell the kids at camp was the "stare at the sky and spin around until you fall over" game. It was a game because the last person standing was the winner, although they didnt win anything. Im sure the people driving by thought I was actually less crazy than i really was at the time, which is insanely crazy. Also, someone referred to me as looking like Kate Moss clinging to a wall with a cigarette- which is now more terribley horrible than it was before, and I generally feel like a total shitty dirt bag. I keep getting flash backs of all of the times Che'sey Alarm' din' strong puked out of the side of my car during last Augusts "summer of love" festivities. I wouldn't be surprised if I went down town and a homeless person spit AIDS into my mouth. (loosely based on a Chad Barrs quote) Sweet. So if anyone wants to find me I will be in a hole listening to this song on repeat.
Peter And The Wolf- Safe Travels

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